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Father & Son Used Tires

Family Tires with Family Prices

Father & Son Used Tires is focused on providing high-quality auto and tire service where customer satisfaction is our top priority - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Something that sets us apart from the rest is that we mount and balance tires for FREE when you purchase ANY tire from us!!


Do you have a flat tire? Leaky valve stem? Father and son used tires can provide you with safe and affordable solutions to your tire problems. Your vehicle carries precious cargo and we are dedicated to protecting your family. You don't always have to replace your tires, we patch and plug tires.We know that you may be looking for some cheap tires, what we have are quality new and used tires for sale at unbeatable prices! We get the most brands so that you have a variety to choose from. Toyo tires, Continental tires, 


Here at Father and Son we also do Auto repairs. Brakes and Rotors, Alternators, Starters, CV Joints, Free Diagnosis on most vehicles. Our Mechanics have years of experience and if we cant fix it we will point you in the right direction to an auto shop that can!


Hey guys we just want to thank members of the community for giving us a chance with their businesses. Our Blog page will be up and running soon and our testimonials page is changing into a trust page. A trust page is a page open to the public where individuals that use our services can praise (or bash) us. On our trust page we will include links of companies that trust us with their automotive and tire needs.


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12001 US Hwy 41 Gibsonton, Fl 33534